Customer success story

The UK’s No.1 sports and beverage data analytics, fan engagement platform hits the ground running with DevCasa

London, UK
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Who is Match Pint

MatchPint! is a website and FREE smartphone app that makes sure you never miss a moment of sporting action on TV by letting you know the best sports pubs nearby - wherever you are. MatchPint has over 5m users and is today known as the leading pub sports analytics businesses in the UK.

The challenge

Like any new product, understanding and interpreting leadership's vision is vital to the ventures success. MatchPint!’ CEO is a visionary who disrupted the sports and beverage industry by creating a consumer brand and new sales channel for the largest beverage distributors in the world. Today, MatchPint provides brands with a new sales channel to engage with millions of sports fans.

DevCasa solution

DevCasa worked closely with Leo the CEO from concept, design through to product launch. Our goal was to provide them with the technical capabilities for web, mobile and back office management to help them scale. Once scale had been achieved we managed the transition to their own in-house team of developers. MatchPint! used services included in our Go To Market Accelerator Solution, to book a meeting you can contact us here.